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In selecting furniture for the house, the owners drew on their existing collection that ranged from classic modernist works by icons such as Le Corbusier to more whimsical contemporary works by companies such as Ligne Roset and Roche Bobois. The gallery-like nature of the house allowed the pieces of furniture and the couple’s collection of artworks – including works by Salvador Dali and Carlos Merida – to take on a striking presence. The living room, however, was rather unique in its large scale and so it became apparent that a new collection would be required. The inspiration for the living room came from Middle Eastern interiors that rely on low seating, carpets, and pillows to form a casual space in which people can lounge. This approach avoided the instinct to divide the space into two formal seating areas and allowed for a flexible and adaptable space that contrasted the formality of the home’s architecture. This informal approach to seating was repeated in the pool house in order to create broader continuity to the design. The result of these interventions both honors the spirit of the historic home while also bringing in a contemporary sense of color and slightly more casual manner of living.

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