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By definition, PROGRESSION is the process of moving gradually to a more advanced state. In music, it refers to the movement from one note or chord to another. In that sense, this book is about the process and conditions in which projects emerge, evolve, and ascend. The focus is on the context in which the work is created. This is not a book centered on buildings, it is a personal journal on the results at different stages of experimentation when design is driven by a scientific approach. The book is divided into three sections: values, network, and ambition, which are ubiquitous in our process. Value ascends when we act according to our beliefs. Our networks inevitably continue to feed our futures,


irrespective of their nature. But it is our ambition that truly sets us apart. I find this to be true not only in architecture, but also in connection with all the fields that, since childhood, have continued to absorb my interest. From music, science, design, art, and fashion to guitars, motorcycles, running, and building. Their transcendence is more impactful when all three are present and interconnected. That is the moment when progression takes place.

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